compressor side view

VRG330 / Ariel JGP-1, IH402473

Waukesha VRG330 with Ariel Compressor Model JGP-1

Unit test ran in shop, everything check out good, we repaired minor oil leaks and installed a extra capacity oil filter. Compressor very clean inside and out. This package is ready to go work.


Engine Data

Mfr & Model Waukesha VRG330
Hours Run N/A
S/N 4022828
HP 67
Any other nameplate data

Compressor Frame

Manuf Ariel
Frame Model JGP-1
# of Stages 2
Stroke 3
Rod Load (Tension & Compression) 10,000 SN#F2402

Compressor Data

Cylinder 1
Cylinder Nameplate Data Ariel
Cylinder Size 5.5
Class JGP
Stroke 3
MWP 330
S/N C-5674
Cylinder 2
Cylinder Nameplate Data Ariel
Cylinder Size 3.25
Class JGP
Stroke 3
MWP 1125
S/N C-13360
Cylinder 3
Cylinder Nameplate Data
Cylinder Size

Auxiliary Equipment

Panel Murphy Tattletale
JW Cooler 150 MWP
IC Cooler 1250 MWP
AC Cooler 1250 MWP
Suction Scrubber 750 MWP
Interstage Scrubber 750 MWP